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"A Bigger Picture" (CD / Vinyl / Download), Dezember 2017

Tracks: 1. Going Home / 2. Never Met Someone Like You / 3. Memphis Minnie Sang the Blues / 4. All The Way / 5. In Late Summer / 6. Where We Are / 7. Tumbleweed / 8. From A Land / 9. Big Blue Blanket / 10. Stopping by the Woods in the Snow / 11. Wanted it that Way / 12. And in the End...

Produced by Andreas Jüttner

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"Never Met Someone Like You" (Download-Single), Oktober 2017

Tracks:   1. Never Met Someone Like You
                2. Paint This Town

Produced by Andreas Jüttner

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"Nite Passes" (CD / Download), April 2016

Tracks:   1. Call of the West
                2. Nite Passes
                3. Dead End Street (Live)
                4. Haunted House (Live)
                5. Gonna Dress In Black (Live)
                6. All Broke (Live)
                7. All Right To Be Rich (Live)
                8. What They Told Me (Revisited)

Produced by Andreas Jüttner

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Hier gibt's "Nite Passes" bei iTunes.

"Years" (CD / Download), Mai 2015

Tracks:   1. Postcard from the Edge of the World / 2. The Story of David and the Instructor / 3. Tumbling Through The Years / 4. Felt Just Right / 5. I Remember / 6. After All Those Years/ 7. Nothing to Write Home About / 8. I Know / 9. Highway In The Rain / 10. California (Into the Ocean) / 11. What They Told Me

Produced by Severin Theinert

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Hier gibt's "Years" bei itunes.

 "The Preserving Machine" (CD /Download), November 2012   d

Tracks:    1. all right to be rich
                2. all broke
                3. dead end street
                4. gonna dress in black
                5. haunted house
                6. everybody does
                7. down here

Produced by Oliver Grauer & Pete Jay Funk

Hier gibt's "The Preserving Machine" bei iTunes.